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Hair & Skin Clinic


Laser Hair


from £15

Get a FREE consultation & patch test

Tired of dealing with unwanted facial or body hair?

Our Laser hair removal service gives you a fast and easy solution for permanent hair reduction so you can look and feel your best.

We will provide you with a state-of-the-art system of hair reduction. We offer a free consultation & patch test before your treatment. Our experts at Hair & Skin Clinic will help you get the best skin of your life.

Digital Micro Blading

Revolution in permanent makeup

Digital Micro Blading is the cutting edge technique for the most natural look. It allows you to create crisp fine lines, hair by hair, adding volume and color. A long lasting method, suitable for all ages and skin types.

Digital Micro Blading is a revolutionary technique using a hand-piece with ultra fine tip which deposit pigment into the skin in an extraordinary way. The tip of the hand-piece is so fine that it enables you to create razor sharp hair strokes that look super-real and supernatural.

Micro Blading

FROM £175

Look and feel fabulous with a natural look that lasts!


Hair Extensions

give yourself a completely new image

Extensions are the perfect way to give yourself a completely new image in just a few hours, or minutes adding both length and volume to your natural hair.

The world of hair extensions can be a daunting place – We offer several different methods of bonding the extension to your hair and each one feels a little different and fulfills a different role.

Keratin Bond Extensions
Pre-bonded hair extensions are still a firm favourite with stylists all over the world. They are easy to apply and the keratin tips provide a secure hold that is hard to beat with other methods.

Keratin Bond Extensions are clusters of hair connected by a strip of keratin wax that we bond to a section of your hair by fusing it with a little heat clamp.

Micro-Loop and Nano-Ring Extensions
Microloop or Nanoring hair extensions refer to the method of using tiny clamps to hold extension hair into place. Microloop hair extensions can use small beads, rings, copper tubes or ‘links.’

Weft/Weave Extensions
Track Weave, Nano Weave and Micro Weave are all types of weft extensions and are ideal for coarse, curly or thick hair that’s able to handle them.

Tape Extensions
Tape extensions are connected by wide bonds that look a little like two bits of sellotape. Your own hair is placed between them and they are clamped around the strands. They are really quick and easy to apply with minimal damage to your hair – the hair is also reusable!

Clip-In Extensions
This method is a non-invasive and temporary way of adding extensions to your natural hair. Clip-in hair extensions come as wefts of hair that are pre-attached with snap-like hair clips. The wefts of extension hair simply fasten to the natural hair using the clips.


from £175


Anti Ageing

No need to hide your age. Let us help you age gracefully, and look younger!

Facial Treatments
Refreshed and relaxed skin is a beautiful skin.

Struggling against arduous routine leaves our skin rough and congested. We need treatment once in a while that works wonders on tired, wrinkled skin.

Let’s take a break from the daily routine. Take an hour or two out to focus on ourselves and take care of your skin with a facial.

Our range of facials is designed to improve your skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity. They are customised as per your skin needs.

Anti Wrinkle
You can’t stop yourself ageing, but you can age gracefully with our anti wrinkle treatments which smoothens your fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. This simple yet effective treatment reverses the signs of ageing by blocking signals from the nerves to the underlying muscles, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.

Expect professional service carried down with a holistic approach under the roof of Hair and Skin Clinic. We believe everyone’s skin is different, and thus devise a personalised plan to ensure the best results.

Filler Treatments
Are you struggling with ageing? Do you want to reverse all the visible signs of ageing? We can help you achieve your dreams. We offer filler treatments that help smooth fine lines, plump the lips, and give back you a more youthful appearance.

We serve you in a warm, friendly and loving environment. We ensure you are looking your best with our personalised treatment plan.


from £145

  • Anti Wringle
  • Anti Ageing

Hair Dressing

Get graceful, every day, timeless styling, colouring, and treatments!

We are expertly educated and have known to blaze a trail when it comes to hairdressing. We offer a wide range of innovative colour techniques and styling. We endeavour to maintain the highest quality and professionalism in our services. Our hairdressing range is suitable for each client.


Our approach is holistic, and we are passionate to create the perfect look for each client. You can expect quality cutting, styling, treating, and colouring hair service in a warm, friendly and loving environment.

Hair Cuts

FROM £22

  • Hair Cuts
  • Blow Drys & Styling
  • Hair Colouring
  • Highlights & Balayage
  • Toner & Bleaching


Let us make you fall in love with your nails

Cute, stylish, and over-the-top nail designs – no matter what, we can help you get anything or everything you want.

Our professional nail artists have enough creative to come up with and leave you with extreme satisfaction. What’s more exciting, we allow you to recreate any design on your own too. Our approach is simple: you dream; we make it happen.

Gel Manicure

ONLY £22

    • Manicures & Pedicures
    • Nail Extensions & Enhancements
    • Nail Care Extras


hot wax or strip wax, get smoother skin with no DISCOMFORT

Waxing may sound a little scary, time-consuming and costly. But, not with Hair and Skin Clinic Ltd. Get hair-less, smooth and silky skin with our professional waxing service!

We make waxing simple and painless for you. We never compromise on the quality. And, therefore, we only use the best quality products and treatments. We are highly committed to providing exceptional customer service at amazing prices.

The effects are long-lasting. You can expect your results to last for a month – depending on your hair growth.



FROM £20



Put your feet up and experience a new depth of relaxation

Take time for you. Put your feet up and experience a new depth of relaxation with massage. Revel in the calming warmth of eco-friendly healing products blend with the fluid massage strokes at Hair and Skin Clinic.

Our massage sessions are designed to increase flexibility, improve circulation and energy, improve your athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and speeds recovery from disease. We ensure you get nothing less than the best treatment under the serene ambiance of our clinic.

Full Body


ONLY £30

  • Full Back Massages
  • Scalp Massages

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